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Luoyang Jinjia held a training meeting to improve management's quality awareness

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Luoyang Jinjia held a training meeting to improve management's quality awareness

In order to strengthen the product quality control of the enterprise and further improve the management's emphasis on product quality, Luoyang Jinjia recently held a training meeting on improving the management's awareness of product quality. General Manager Shen Juntao and Vice President of Marketing Liu Jing reviewed and summarized the quality problems of the company's products recently, and made clear requirements for the next product-related work.


At the beginning of the meeting, 9 employees who had excellent learning performance in the last round of corporate culture internal training were commended, and employee representatives shared their experience in corporate culture internal training. The purpose is to let employees develop good study habits and improve themselves, while respecting the company's management system with clear rewards and punishments, so that they can work better in the future.


In the following training meeting, Liu Jing, vice president of marketing, made in-depth discussions and discussions on how to make qualified products, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce customer complaints based on the specific product quality problems discovered by the company recently, and put forward the essence Sexual solution. She suggested that we must continue to refine the quality supervision system that is repeatedly emphasized in the usual work, and implement it to the post and to the person, decompose the responsibilities, and clearly divide the pressure. Only in this way can problems be discovered and solved in time.


        The person in charge of the production department said that employees in each workshop must conduct self-inspection and mutual inspection to prevent substandard products from flowing into the next process. Each team leader should increase the inspection of the workshop, and point out and warn the problems existing in the production process in a timely manner.

        Executive Director Li Gongjin took the incident of smashing 76 unqualified refrigerators by employees of Haier Group as an example to awaken the quality awareness of Haier people, and encouraged Jinjia employees to learn the spirit of daring to shoot at their own shortcomings, not to protect shortcomings, not to conceal, and to report production in time Any problems that arise during the process should be resolved from the source to prevent similar problems from recurring.


General Manager Shen Juntao concluded and emphasized that from the supply chain to each production link to serving customers after the product is formed, product quality is the cornerstone of Jinjia's foothold and development, and there is no shortcut. As a company management, you should always remind yourself to strengthen the supervision and inspection in the production process. Only by strictly controlling the quality, strictly controlling the product quality, and constantly reflecting and summarizing, can the follow-up work of Jinjia be carried out in an orderly and stable manner.


In addition, employees also actively spoke during the training process. Combined with their daily work, they shared how they adjusted their attitudes, corrected mistakes and solved problems step by step when faced with substandard product quality. There were frequent interactions on and off the field, and applause continued.


Through this product quality training meeting, the company's management deeply realized the importance of product quality to the survival and development of the company, and said that in the future work, it will supervise and drive grass-roots employees through their own performance to improve production efficiency at the same time. , reduce the defective rate, improve the product qualification rate, make the product quality to a new level, and provide a stronger guarantee for the rapid development of Jinjia!

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