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Detailed description

 The steel-aluminum composite non-insulated fireproof window adopts the design method that the outer layer is aluminum alloy profiles and the inner layer is steel profiles.

Product structure:

The outer layer is made of: 1.4mm thick aluminum material, the surface can be sprayed with powder or fluorocarbon, and it can also be treated by anodizing, electrophoresis, etc., and has different color options.

The inner layer is made of: 1.2mm thick galvanized steel plate, cold-rolled and formed, with excellent anti-rust ability, such as color-coated steel plate, the anti-rust ability is better.

Product performance:

Five performance benefits required to meet building exterior windows:

Wind pressure resistance grade 9, water tightness grade 6, air tightness grade 8, thermal performance 2.0w/(m2.k), fire performance 1 hour

 "Code for Fire Protection in Architectural Design" GB50016-2014 for the exterior windows of residential refuge rooms. The manual opening and closing function can be used or the temperature sensor and window closer can be installed. In the event of a fire, in the open state, the thermal element starts and the window sash automatically closes.

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