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Luoyang Jinjia held the annual staff meeting in the first half of 2022

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Luoyang Jinjia held the annual staff meeting in the first half of 2022

Luoyang Jinjia Fireproof Glass Co., Ltd. annual staff meeting in the first half of 2022

        On the afternoon of July 16, Luoyang Jinjia Fireproof Glass Co., Ltd. held a mid-year staff meeting in the conference room on the third floor of the factory. The meeting was chaired by Chief Executive Li Gongjin, summed up the work in the first half of 2022, and put forward requirements on how to implement and improve the work in the second half of the year, and how to keep pace with the times and improve together with the company and employees in the existing environment. General manager Shen Juntao, vice president of marketing Liu Jing, vice president of production Zhao Xiaowei and other leaders made a mid-year work report, calling on and requiring all employees to unify their thinking, be motivated, dedicated to their jobs, and down-to-earth to do a good job in the second half of 2022.




At the conference, General Manager Shen Juntao briefly described the survival dilemma of various enterprises in the current overall environment, requiring all employees to actively adapt to the new normal of economic development, adhere to the principles of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and seeking excellence while maintaining stability, and have the courage to overcome difficulties in the face of difficulties. , Clear ideas, take the initiative and actively carry out work. He pointed out that this year is an important turning year for the company. Only by adjusting and changing the ideology of the company's management and employees in a timely manner can the company's healthy and sustainable development be guaranteed. On this basis, the company will advance and retreat together with all employees, practice the corporate vision of "customer-centered, seek happiness and development for employees", and work hard for Luoyang Jinjia to become an "innovative century-old enterprise".


According to the work arrangements for the second half of the year, the meeting announced the establishment of an assessment management team to accelerate the rectification of various problems of the company in the second half of the year based on results. The meeting emphasized that the company will formulate a corresponding inspection and evaluation system and ensure that the implementation of the system and the continuous target evaluation will not be relaxed under the supervision of the group.




The meeting also commended the "Character Employees" who performed well in the first half of 2022. The leaders of the company affirmed the spirit of dedication, selfless dedication, and love for the company as shown by these employees, and awarded prizes to the "Style Employees" to show their appreciation. congratulate. The award-winning employees made speeches respectively. Behind the simple words that moved people was the unpretentious and enthusiastic heart of Jinjia people, which is an example worthy of all Jinjia employees to learn from. I hope they will continue to work hard and give full play to their role as role models and influence. Grow and progress together with the people around you. At the same time, it also corrects the employees who have problems and deficiencies at work, hoping that they can overcome and correct them, and dedicate their strength to the company with a positive working attitude.



        In order to implement the spirit of the meeting and further improve the company's management level, the company also organized training on the "Employee Handbook" for all employees. Administrative Director Li Gongjin gave a systematic explanation to all employees around the "Employee Handbook", and gave a detailed interpretation of some of the contents. The manual is not only a channel for employees to understand the company's corporate culture, but also a system basis for the company's effective management. The development of the company needs the support of the discipline system, and the spiritual outlook and professional quality of the employees are better improved, and the development of the company has the combat effectiveness and vitality. Through training, all employees have a clearer understanding of the company's culture and various rules and regulations, which is conducive to better development of work in the future, and promotes the further improvement of company management, efficiency and quality.

        It is believed that under the correct guidance of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, Luoyang Jinjia will achieve remarkable results in the second half of 2022, truly promote the leap-forward development of the company, and create a new future for Jinjia!

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