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Insulated Glass

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Detailed description


 It is a high-efficiency sound-insulating and heat-insulating glass made of two (or three) pieces of glass, using a high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive to bond the glass pieces to an aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant.


1.Optical Properties: the visible light transmittance of insulating glazing systems is normally in the range of 7-80% and the visible light reflectance is in the range of 10-42%;

2. Thermal Properties: the U-value is effectively lowered by insulating glazing and can be further reduced by filling of inert gases;

3. Acoustical Insulation: insulating glazing can reduce noise by more than 30 dB; 

4.Condensation: the dew point of insulating glazing systems is below -406C which guarantees no condensation formation under norma! applications;

5.Sealing: aluminum spacer is automatically curved and formed with the fewest joints and dual seals are applied, which ensures excellent sealing characteristics and long application life-time 


Insulated glass is a kind of building material with excellent thermal insulation and acoustical insulation ability ,which could reduce the building weight.Widely used for glazed door and window.curtain wall,partition wall and refrigerator, etc.


Glass Thickness: 4~12mm

Aluminum spacer thickness:4-26A

Min Size: 180*300mm

Max Size: 2800*5000

Quality Standard

Conforming to GB11944,Chinese Standard 

Conforming to AS/NZS4666:2012 Australian Standard 

Conforming to ASTM E2190,American Standard(IGCC)

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