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Detailed description

Fire-resistant glass smoke-blocking wall is characterized by good aesthetics, and is mostly used in places with small flow of people and logistics, but with high requirements for decoration, such as hotels, conference centers, office buildings, etc. The advantage is that it can not only meet the national fire protection design specifications but also meet the requirements of interior design. The disadvantage is that when the smoke-blocking vertical wall encounters an accident with a certain strength of external force, the entire smoke-blocking vertical wall will collapse and damage, and destroy the personnel or equipment below. At the same time, it cannot be selected and installed in places with many obstacles.

Implementation standard

GA 533-2012 "Smoke Blocking Wall";

CNCA-C18-02 : 2014 "Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules for Fire Protection Products";

CCCF-HZFH-03 "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification Fire Protection Products Fire and Smoke Exhaust Equipment Products";

Test Report

Type test report, fire protection product CCCF certification.

product advantages

1. Beautiful, high safety factor, does not affect lighting;

2. Effectively block the lateral flow of smoke under the roof of the building;

3. Improve the smoke exhaust effect in the smoke prevention zone.

Technical performance

Anti-wind swing performance

When the smoke-blocking wall is subjected to (5+1) m/s wind speed, its vertical deflection angle should not be greater than 15o

High temperature resistance

the smoke blocking wall is kept at (620±20)℃ for 30min, and its integrity should not be damaged

Smoke leakage

When the temperature is 200°C and the pressure difference is 25Pa, the smoke leakage per unit area of the smoke-blocking part is qualified

Specification: 1200mm×500mm×6mm

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