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Detailed description

Fire-resistant glass partitions are also called fire-resistant glass non-load-bearing partitions. GB/T12513-2006. "Test method for fire resistance of glass-inlaid glass" divides fire-resistant glass partition walls into heat-insulating and non-heat-insulating types according to fire resistance, and is divided into steel-frame fire-resistant glass partition walls and wood-frame fire-resistant glass partition walls according to structure.

Insulation fireproof glass partition wall

It is composed of one or several pieces of insulation fireproof glass, inlaid frame and fireproof sealing material

Non-insulated fire-resistant glass partition wall

It is composed of one or several non-insulated fire-resistant glass, inlaid with frame and fire-resistant sealing material

 Steel frame Fireproof glass partition wall

 It is made of square steel pipe and pressed-formed Hu steel profile, which is connected and fixed by welding or bolts (screws), etc. (and is equipped with thermal insulation material to ensure that the frame does not produce large deformation when heated).

Wood frame fireproof glass partition wall

It is made of flame retardant treated wood material, its moisture content should not be greater than 12% or not greater than the average moisture content of the use environment, the wood is fixed and formed by hardware connection, and the wood passes on the Install insulating material or carry out flame retardant impregnation treatment to meet fire resistance.

Features & Application

Suitable for indoor fire partitions in large spaces such as exhibitions, hospitals, gymnasiums, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

Fire resistance: Fire integrity E120

Sealed well: automatic door sealing system makes smoke nowhere to hide

Good sound insulation: double glass can better sound insulation, and can have built-in louvers

Flexibility: Can be combined with steel fireproof door and window system

High strength: the strength of multi-bending profiles is twice as high as conventional

Fire-resistant time: 60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes

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