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Double Grouting Fireroof heat resistant Glass

Product Name: Double Grouting Fireroof heat resistant Glass



Product Categorization: Fireproof glass

Detailed description

Grouting fireproof glass is a gluing process in which a highly transparent flame retardant and fireproof liquid is poured into the middle of double-layer glass.

When a fire occurs, the special transparent chemical substance poured and solidified in the middle of the heat-insulating composite fireproof glass absorbs a large amount of heat in the flame, foams and expands, and turns into opaque white at the same time, effectively preventing the heat generated by the combustion from reaching the fire. Passing on the backside. During this process, the glass remains intact as a whole, forming an effective barrier that can block the diffusion and spread of flames, smoke, and high-temperature toxic gases generated by combustion.

The thermal insulation and anti-radiation functions of the composite fireproof glass can protect the escape and rescue personnel in the area of the back fire from high temperature heat and thermal radiation burns when a fire occurs, and at the same time prevent combustible materials such as wood products in this area. , curtains, carpets, etc. are ignited by high temperature and thermal radiation within a certain period of time.

1. Good heat resistance: The fireproof stick is a non-combustible material, which can block the spread of fire.

2. Good heat insulation: It can effectively reduce heat radiation and heat transfer, and has good heat insulation performance.

3. Sound insulation and transparency: It can reduce the interference of various noises such as vehicles, planes, trains, etc., and basically maintain the transparency of the original glass.

5. Optional UV filter film protection, suitable for indoor use.

6. Applicable temperature range: 0~+40℃

Quality Standard

Conforming to GB 15763.1-2009(Fire Resistance Glass),Chinese Standard.

In accorance with European Standard EN12150-2:2004

Pass Chinese fire glass compulsory CCC Certification

Pass CE and ISO certification

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