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Nano-silicon composite fireproof glass

Product Name: Nano-silicon composite fireproof glass



Product Categorization: Fireproof glass

Detailed description

Nano silicon composite fireproof glass is a new type of fireproof glass which is composed of inorganic highly transparent and hard nano silicon fireproof glue and glass. 


When a fire occurs, the glass on the fire surface will burst soon after encountering high temperature, and the fireproof rubber layer will start to foam and expand, and absorb the high heat caused by the flame combustion to form an opaque fireproof rubber sheet, which has a strong hardness, that is, It can effectively isolate the flame, smoke and toxic gas, and can also block the heat caused by the burning of the flame.


1. Hard and high transparency.

2. The performance is stable and durable, and the warranty is five years or even ten years.

3. Green environmental protection, food grade fireproof material.

4. The fire performance includes EW/EI series C and A fireproof series.

5. Breaking through the technical bottleneck of the industry, it can be used for fire curtain wall.


Max size(mm): 1800 x 2800mm 

Min size(mm): 300 x 300mm 

Glass Thickness Range(mm): 3 -12mm

Nano Silicon Fireproof Glue thickness: 1-60mm

Standard thickness dimension:11.5mm,12mm,13.5mm,14mm,15mm, 18mm,19mm,25mm,28mm,35mm,45mm

Fireproof time: 60 min, 90min,120 min,180 min 

Quality Standard

Conforming to GB 15763.1-2009(Fire Resistance Glass),Chinese Standard.

In accorance with European Standard EN12150-2:2004, BSEN1634-1:2008

Pass Chinese fire glass compulsory CCC Certification

Pass CE and ISO certification


Mainly used in exterior fire door&window, partation, curtain wall

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