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Single Fireproof Glass

Product Name: Single Fireproof Glass



Product Categorization: Fireproof glass

Detailed description

It is obtained by treating float glass by physical and chemical methods. It can keep 60-120 minutes in a 1000 ℃ flame without bursting, thus effectively preventing the spread of flame and smoke.


1. Fire resistance

 It can maintain its integrity without breaking within its fire resistance time limit, and can block the spread and spread of flame, smoke and high temperature poisonous gas generated by combustion.

2. High strength

The high strength single-piece fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of ordinary float glass of the same thickness, and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass.

3. Deep processing

it can be processed into hollow fireproof, laminated fireproof, coated fireproof glass, etc.

4. Safety

The integrity is maintained within the fire resistance time limit. When the fire resistance time limit is exceeded, the glass softens. When it is broken by external force, the particles are small and do not hurt people.

5. Anti-aging

heat resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance and light resistance.

6. Easy to install

easy to transport, carry and install.


Max size(mm): 2000 x 6000mm 

Min size(mm): 300 x 300mm 

Thickness(mm): 5 -19mm

Fire-proof time:30min, 60 min, 90min,120 min,150 min,180 min 

Quality Standard

Conforming to GB 15763.1-2009(Fire Resistance Glass),Chinese Standard.

In accorance with European Standard EN12150-2:2004

Pass CE and ISO certification


Outdoor curtain wall, building exterior wall, smoke blocking wall, lighting roof, front window of furnace.

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