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Borosilicate fireproof glass

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Detailed description

Borosilicate fireproof glass, namely borosilicate glass, is a glass mainly composed of silicon oxide and boron oxide. In ISO12775, the content of B203 is specified to be higher than 8%, and the content of B203 in European standard EN1748 is specified to be higher than 7%

borosilicate fireproof glass is another type of special glass different from the soda-lime-silica component system

High borosilicate glass uses its two major characteristics of low expansion coefficient and high softening temperature to achieve excellent fire resistance after being made into safety glass through physical tempering.

Soda lime silica glass is easy to explode, the higher the stress, the easier it is to explode. The fire performance is low and unstable, and the qualified rate of random inspection is not higher than 60-80%. Easy to produce, large capacity and low cost.

High borosilicate glass has no spontaneous explosion, good fire resistance, stability, spot check pass rate is close to 100%, difficult to produce, low productivity, and high cost.

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